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1. Global Rules

R1.1 Respect
Respect is one of the most important things for a good socialized squad. Respect is the key to alot of things which are necessary for communication, training, and most of all, FUN. So do not flame on each other, do not give each other names, do not disobey to your superior etc. Basically: act properly on these forums.

R1.2 Posting
About posting/creating a new topic on these forums: Do not create a topic without having a real, functionable, useful ground. If you do, it will be locked very soon by a moderator.
About posting on a topic: Place a comment which is useful for the topic or relevant to it's subject. If you want to post non-sense go to the same named forums and post it there.

R1.2a Posting in applications
TeamXtreme is a clan that cares alot about its members and applicants. Only members of TeamXtreme are allowed to post in applications. Other users are allowed to post, if it is kind of IMPORTANCE the recruiters should be informed about. Moderators decide by themselves what is important and what is not. If users keep posting after their posts got deleted they will be warned, when the spam continues, the forums account of the related user will get deactivated by the board administrator.

R1.3 Flaming on forums
Spamming topics, flaming to other people or insulting any other member on the entire forum, will be warned once; getting warned a second time will lead to sanctions. It doesn't matter how much time has gone between the warnings. The person in question may get banned.
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