RepCom still a thing?

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RepCom still a thing?

Post by Bloody »

Holy shit! Greetings guys!

I just saw an old Montage Clip from Acer.. got big flashbacks to my time in RepCom.
Looked up if some old clan-forums still alive.. RIP Real Republic Players, but gosh, TX still alive
with ACTIVE posts from 2020 in RepCom-section! Crazy!

How are u guys? Do u still play RepCom a lot?

Greetings an old Member BlooD.
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Re: RepCom still a thing?

Post by ihateun1k »

Hey Bloody !

I just reinstalled swrc today and checked if this forum was still active, I'm glad to see it still is !

Here is an active Discord server with many SWRC players (including "old" TX members) :

Apparently all the servers are down, some still work using IPs but won't show up in the server list.
If you want to play some matches you'll need to gather people to play with, which is apparently easy to get these days.

Have a good day.
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