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TX WarPack 11

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The WarPack is a mod-series published under the name of TeamXtreme for the game Star Wars Republic Commando. It started in 2010 and was the succesor of TeamXtreme PROMOD. Beginning as a simple mappack back in 2010, it has gained plenty of functionality far beyond such as new soundfiles, game modes, teams, commands and much more.

This mod is fully compatible with retail games and other mods.

• Various Admin commands added to the game
• Anti cheat system (centerview, behindview, FastSwitch, Client Mod and others can be permanently disabled by the server administrator)
• Stats resuming when crashing/reconnecting
• Stats/Match logging and leaderboard ( https://TX-Gaming.net/Stats )
• Headshot and assist counters were added to the scoreboard, check out your teamplay and aiming skill - backed up by numbers!
• A grenade spam counter to broadcast any occuring spam to all players on the server. Now you can also blame your enemies for their excessive grenade abuse.
• Votemap/votemode feature to allow a democratic map choice to be made. If even that doesn't help, either browse the server's map folder -ingame!- or let the server randomly choose a map. It's all up to you.
• 13 new game modes are included
• High resolution textures used for retail content of the game
• Over 250 maps included
• Completely new weapons (Burst Gun, Shock Rifle, Tazer, Predator Bow, Storm Rifle, Lightsabre)
• We also added the (probably first ever) destructible Republic Commando Multiplayer map: TX_WP_DStamper -> almost every environment object/static mesh on this map can be destroyed by players
• Smoke, flash, stun grenades and a mine were created.
• New projectiles and kill messages (optional)
• New teams have been created, chose to join either the Empire or Rebel Alliances instead of the vanilla teams Republic and Trandoshan. However if you are looking into competetive mode with the same hitboxes and characters, we added a Republic vs Republic option (seperated by Red and Blue colors, including an updated HUD and scoreboard)
• New ingame voice commands
• Weapon Highlighting added to make new weapons visible on the map, dropped weapons by killed players are not highlighted (optional)
• A WarPack Updater has been created that, once the basic mod was installed, update the mod whenever necessary. Includes a detailed changelog.
• Custom loading screens for WP maps added.
… and a lot more!

There are two different ways to install Warpack:

1) Download the latest WarPack as RAR file: Start Download!
2) Extract into the SWRC/GAMEDATA directory (like C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars Republic Commando\GameData)
3) Run the Update.exe from Gamedata just to make sure you don't miss out on the latest improvements.

1) Download the latest WarPack as EXE file: Start Download!
2) Install into the SWRC/GAMEDATA directory (like C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars Republic Commando\GameData)
3) The Update.exe will start automatically, press "Start update" to get the most recent changes

Now you are ready to go, join either WarPack servers or any other game.

Support & Help:
If you need any further help post a within the following sub-forums: viewforum.php?f=362
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