Ancient history

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Ancient history

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Hi guys, I'll try to keep this short, but does one of you still have control of the archived website listed here?

I ask because I used to participate in a few events with you guys. Participate, past tense, as in, 15 years ago. But my most prominent nickname is still listed there, a nickname I can't remove in a few key places, and it is listed there along with my real name right below it. Since my name is unique enough that I am the only one in my country carrying it, a single Google search could effectively put people right outside my door, I mean, I found it in one, so I'm assuming someone else could too.

Until recently, that wasn't a big concern, but yesterday a dude got mighty angry about losing a game and threatened to come kill me, and I'm not super keen on that idea, least of all because I have a wife and a daughter now, who would probably take offence. Threats being what they are, doing a bit of internet spring cleaning seemed prudent. So if possible, I'd like that hole plugged. Hope you can help me, cheers.
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Re: Ancient history

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that is a crazy story man. What is your user name there? PM me here.
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